Vietnam Assist is an one-stop shop for international visitors to Hanoi. If you are looking for a translator, an office, a cultural/luxurious tour or you are in need of a trusted cleaner, electrician, plumber in Hanoi, contact us. We will help you save time and stress for more relaxing moments and lucrative jobs. We can also help you enjoy the city and explore all about locals.

While language and the difference in cultures are still barriers to foreigners in approaching local services, Vietnam Assist, as a practical local concierge service provider in Hanoi, helps connect foreigners with locals. Our services include (but not limited to):

1. Language assistance & tour guide: we have a wide range of translators/interpreters and tour guides for both formal and casual events.

2. Buying and delivery: Let us know what you want to buy and where it should be delivered. We will help buy it and do the delivery.

3. Rental of essentials
Rental of baby & kid necessities: We have very good quality of baby necessity for rent such as bed rails, cots, dinning chairs, slides, trolleys…which are useful and very safe for your kid.
– Wheelchair: In some certain situations you or a member in your family might need to use a wheelchair for a little while. Do not hesitate contact us. We will help arrange one for you.

4. Household

  • Plumbing and electrical repair: We will arrange a plumber or an electrician to your place to fix things.
  • Cleaning service (available in Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, and Tay Ho districts): we offer premium cleaning service. We have a network of trusted cleaners who have worked for expatriates in Hanoi for a long time. They have good reference report for their ethics, sense of quality and decent skills in the field.
  • Furniture moving to new house/apartment
  • Sofa/carpet/mattress/curtain cleaning service
  • Laundry, dry cleaning service
  • Blanket/pillow/duvet…vacuum packing

5. Others: Please feel free to contact us for any other local support that you might need.

Examples of what we have done

We have helped an Australian client go through different procedures in the public vaccination centre and hospital for rabies vaccinations in Hanoi and Danang, taken a French client to a private hospital and an Australian gentleman to optometry service in Hanoi. We have also booked and taken another expatriate to a dental clinic, helped an Australian mother of a five-year-old boy promptly contact relevant people and get back the Ipad she left in the airplane and the Iphone she left in a taxi in Hanoi. One year later we helped her get back the phone and stuff she left in a taxi in Danang city. We are helping a British expatriate have his medicine bought and delivered, his dog walk and vaccinated and his sofa and mattress cleaned…